At MWare, in everything we do, we believe in giving SMEs and channel partners the competitive edge.
At MWare, in everything we do, we believe in giving SMEs and channel partners the competitive edge.
Mobility for your world
Mobility for your world
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The future of
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The future of business every(ware).
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MWare is a team of business solution specialists

In addition to saving businesses time and money and getting them super-organised thanks to our Resource Management Tools for financial, human, inventory, assets and information technology resources, there is another important leg to MWare.

Through some of our partnerships we facilitate a distribution model, which allows our channel partners to earn revenue as resellers.

MWare is a team of business solutions specialists, serving South African, African and international clients, customers and fellow business partners with integrated business automation and business process solutions.

MWare collaborates with resellers all over the world, in countries like Canada, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and our neighbouring countries. Current focus areas include Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

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MWare Assist

MWare Assist provides Resource Management tools for all company resources: people, assets, accounting/ERP, educational and learning platforms, and IT.

Having integrated our tools and our partner tools to automate key business processes, we offer plug-ins that assist organisations with managing their resources

Why is this important? Resource management is the process of effectively, optimally and efficiently planning, scheduling and allocating a company’s resources. But resources are wide-ranging, spanning people and machinery; whatever you need to complete or task.

With MWare Assist, our win-win is when your business becomes more efficient, organised, secure, successful and profitable. That is why we created the MWare Solution Stack, which gives you automated business solutions made up of best-of-breed products.

We do not rip and replace; we invite you to go-as-you-grow. Because we understand your needs, we build our solutions based on how you will use them and what is needed to enhance your business.

    MWare Consulting

    MWare Consulting designs, implements and maintains the customised, value-adding, and integrated solutions, business design and development services, and advanced operational training your business needs to achieve optimum productivity. Our services include:

    Business development

    • Connecting people, even competitors, in new ways
    • Bringing real value to channel partners
    • Making IT more cost-effective and more accessible
    • Opening up new revenue streams (e.g. lead generation)

    Creating an eco-system

    • Simplifying the end user’s experience of IT
    • Plugging holes in how people experience IT systems
    • Fixing customers’ critical business processes
    • Challenging standard ways of thinking and working
    • Forging and nurturing a ‘circle of excellence’

    Software development

    • Developing multiple standard and custom integration layers and enablers, to automate operational and financial processes with integrations to various ERP and CRM products

    General consulting

    • Business and functional requirements analysis
    • Sage 300 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Sage 300 People (HR & Payroll), Sage CRM (Customer Relations Management) and Sage RMS (Retail Management Solutions) consulting services
    • Operational Insights and Business intelligence reporting
    • Training and remote learning innovation

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      The MWARE SOLUTION STACK illustrates various business performance solutions on different levels, and how they integrate with each other.

      Our Current Customers


      Leaders in connecting the ERP world!

      • Ashley Davis - Services & marketing Manager
        We have demanding requirements and need the highest performing software for our large-scale field service operations in remote areas with limited connectivity. MobiWork performs flawlessly, we are continuously impressed with the functionality, support, and performance.
      • Ian Jones - Financial Manager
        MobiWork is a very powerful tool straight out of the box. It is user-friendly and has exceeded our customisation needs. We intend to expand all of our operations and sales aspects to MobiWork.
      • Danie Bisschoff - Managing Member
        As a construction company specialising in insurance claim-related repairs, we know damages to properties after a fire, flood, water, forced entry, malicious attack etc. are traumatic to our customers. A quick and efficient service is therefore required in order to offer some peace of mind during an unsettling time. To improve our turn-around times we set out to automate as many of our office processes as possible, in addition to extending this automation into the field. After meeting with MWare, we knew that they would be able to fulfill our requirements. In fact, we were quite surprised at how far-reaching the advantages of their solution ended up being. As a result of the system they designed, we are able to cut back on some of our most time-consuming administrative tasks and speed up our turn-around times dramatically.
      • Ryan Coldman, current COO (previously CFO)
        As full supply chain service provider, with over 20 years in the industry, the Energy Partners Refrigeration Group has multiple diverse tasks that take place simultaneously. We needed a solution that could help us automate the management of each of these, assist us with tracking our technicians in the field, and most importantly a solution that could deliver real-time qualitative data. MWare developed a system that was able to address all of these. One of the best advantages of the solution is our ability to collect valuable data and utilise these insights to make informed business decisions. Getting closer to what the customer needs and how we can deliver on those needs are fundamental to our business’ success.
        Ryan Coldman, current COO (previously CFO)
        Energy Partners Refrigeration Group
      • Pierre Marais
        One of the biggest constraints for any company in manufacturing is productivity of time and equipment. "The main focus of the project is to ensure our plants work to their optimum and to identify process improvement opportunities in the various production steps...  
        Pierre Marais
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      Believing in strong customer relations with ongoing service and support, MWare Consulting is dedicated to offering business design and development services, advanced operational training and finding a tailored solution that can be implemented to achieve optimum productivity within your organisation.

      “Our aim is to design, implement and maintain customised, value added, integrated solutions based on our customers’ business requirements.”

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