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10th Dec 2020

COVID and POPIA: A perfect storm is brewing With hackers running riot, data security must top C-Suite agenda.

Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting South African businesses as COVID-19 broadens the attack surface and exposes companies to the vulnerabilities of a digital, remote workforce and online ...
30th Jul 2020

How to comply with POPIA, on time, in spite of COVID-19

We know there’s a lot going on, so we thought we’d remind you about a crucial deadline: By 1 June 2021, you need to be fully ...
28th Jul 2020

When data and storytelling collide, magic happens

Could your data dashboard be missing a crucial element? by Mich Martins, CEO: MWare & Gustav Piater, Sales & Marketing Director at AIGS Dashboards have been ...
24th Jul 2020


MWare, a provider of end-to-end productivity solutions, has brought advanced operational insights to its ERP clients through the development and implementation of a top-pedigree business intelligence ...
15th May 2020

How to take practical and compliant action in the new “world of work”

Covid-19 and Lockdown Restrictions have forced companies across South Africa (and other parts of the world) to enter into a new “world of work”. Employees are ...
15th Apr 2020

How MWare Can Help Legal & Auditing Firms Spread Their Wings

Are you worried about your company’s resilience and sustainability during lockdown? Do you have the right measures in place to ensure business as usual during a ...
9th Apr 2020

MWare Helps to Unlock Education Innovation in Europe Amidst Lockdown Challenges

 The Coronavirus lockdown and social distancing restrictions imposed in countries across the world are affecting many industries negatively. With schools, colleges and universities closed, millions of ...
1st Mar 2020

How to digitise your enterprise one process at a time

Every company has a unique process flow behind the way they perform tasks. The larger the company, the more complex each process flow will be. Tried ...
18th Feb 2020

The important role productivity plays in the workplace

“The effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input.”  In business, productivity is the ...
30th Jan 2020

How the MobiWork MWM ® platform can improve your field operation

In order for businesses to perform optimally, managers need to know what the status of projects is at a moment’s notice. Why? Because this way management ...
22nd Jan 2020

How to succeed with digital transformation

Digital transformation is a topic that is regularly making the headlines. It is the act of applying digital systems to replace manual tasks in order to ...
16th Dec 2019

New MWare Partnership: Automating Productivity and Process Management with Cflow

Enhanced productivity; reduced errors [17 December 2019, Pretoria] MWare is proud to announce that Cavintek’s Cflow software solution has recently been added to MWare’s Solution Stack. ...
11th Dec 2019

Ways to boost productivity in 2020

Productivity isn’t about getting many things done quickly but about getting the right things done more efficiently. With the new year ahead, we look at several ...
27th Nov 2019

MWare’s Scorecard Software can help your organisation with BEE Compliance

As of 1 December 2019, new amendments to the Amended Generic B-BBEE Codes of 2013 will come into effect. Corporations and companies, therefore, need to make ...
19th Nov 2019

MWare Helps Customers Unlock The Edge With IoT.nxt

Gain an overview of your operation. Digitise it. Optimise it. [November 2019, Pretoria] MWare is thrilled to announce the newest addition to the MWare Solution Stack: ...
14th Nov 2019

MWare now offers customers Sage 300 People, an advanced HR & Payroll self-service solution

Increase productivity, drive growth and empower your people MWare is excited to announce that Sage 300 People will now form part of the company’s Automated Business ...
30th Oct 2019

MWare Wins Sage 2019 Partner of the Year Award

MWare has recently won the prestigious Sage 2019 Partner of the Year Award at the Sage Africa FY20 awards function, which took place on the 16th ...
16th Oct 2019

MWare takes Business Intelligence to the next level with Yellowfin

Discover, understand and act on opportunities using the one-of-a-kind analytics suite [16 October 2019, Pretoria] Over the past nine months MWare has expanded its Solution Stack ...
26th Sep 2019

Why SLAs are fundamental in the digital era

As more businesses rely on cloud-based products and services for the running of business-critical operations, contracts for service and support are becoming fundamental. Service Level Agreements ...
4th Sep 2019

Syncedbeans joins MWare

Connecting suppliers, customers and accountants in one, real-time network MWare is proud to announce the latest addition to its growing number of Automated Business Solutions, Syncedbeans. ...
27th Aug 2019

How to be more profitable with MWare [Part 2]

“You have to work on the business first before it works for you.”  ― Idowu Koyenikan A must-have product or raved-about service isn’t necessarily a recipe ...
21st Aug 2019

How to be more profitable with MWare

“We aren’t here to make money” – said no CEO ever. Bottom line: Companies are in business to be profitable. Without profits, a business cannot prosper, ...
19th Aug 2019

MWare adopts the RUBiQ’s Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution

Implement, manage, monitor & measure GRC policies & activities  Pretoria, 19 August 2019 – MWare is pleased to announce the addition of RUBiQ to its growing ...
1st Aug 2019

How to ensure your new business’ financial survival

Business opportunities in South Africa are plentiful. With a population of over 56-million diverse and interesting people, SA creates a platform from which many unique products ...
16th Jul 2019

The Future of Accounting

Emerging technology is transforming our industries, especially those most reliant on data such as the Accounting sector. Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Blockchain, the Cloud ...
26th Jun 2019

The role of employee satisfaction in the workplace

The popular John Donne quote, “No man is an island” is just as applicable in a work context as it is in life in general. People ...
18th Jun 2019

Successful Employee Relations Critical To A Business’ Success

Running a business is empowering and at the same time extremely challenging. Managers need to think of and supervise so many things at the same time, ...
23rd May 2019
BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services Tools and Developer Support

Cybersecurity: What the board of directors need to hear

There are many pressing matters on the board of directors agenda, and cybersecurity is one of them. Now more than ever, the board is open to ...
29th Apr 2019

MWare announces next-generation security measures for its customers

Smarter cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence with Webroot  [29 April 2019, Pretoria] Without robust security measures to protect data, the considerable and extensive benefits companies are gaining ...
4th Apr 2019
Webroot Smarter Cybersecurity and BrightCloud

Your company and cyber security: Is there really a threat?

Most companies and individuals are aware that cyber crimes such as phishing scams and ransomware are real. But just how real are we talking? Currently, cyber ...
25th Mar 2019
Yale Lifting Solutions

Yale Lifting Solutions – MobiWork by MWare

“We have demanding requirements and need the highest performing software for our large-scale field service operations in remote areas with limited connectivity. MobiWork performs flawlessly, we ...
20th Mar 2019

Leading Business Management Platform joins MWare’s list of value-added solutions

Corporater: Analyse, plan & execute business outcomes more efficiently Pretoria, 19 March 2019 – MWare’s range of Automated Business Solutions, aimed at simplifying and streamlining businesses, ...
13th Mar 2019

The role an integrated GRC framework can play in your enterprise

An integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Programme is something that can add value to each and every company. It helps management align the company’s activities ...
13th Mar 2019
Corporater business solution

Planning for the financial year ahead

March marks the start of the new financial year, and as the implications of the newly announced Budget 2019 start to sink in, a proactive approach ...
27th Feb 2019
Logico Logo

MobiWork by MWare for Logico Unlimited in Swaziland

“MobiWork is a very powerful tool straight out of the box. It is user-friendly and has exceeded our customisation needs. We intend to expand all of ...
14th Feb 2019
Corporater business solution

How business management solutions can promote effective business

Simply having a brilliant product or unique service solution is not enough. In order to remain competitive businesses need to be highly effective. And it is ...
23rd Jan 2019

Using smart technology to maximise productivity

Productivity is the ability to achieve more with less. It sounds wrong (perhaps even impossible) to expect enhanced output from a reduced input, but it is ...
23rd Jan 2019

How can Artificial Intelligence add practical value to your business in 2019?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making waves in every industry on the planet. Retail, manufacturing, logistics and even healthcare industries are all applying AI strategies to simplify ...
15th Jan 2019
IQ Construction

An integrated and automated business solution for IQ Construction

Automated administrative tasks, improved turn-around times and enhanced resource management. As an automated business solutions provider, MWare is passionate about making it easier for businesses to ...
10th Dec 2018

The road ahead for MWare

At MWare, our main goal is to create solutions that assist companies to innovate and evolve. It only makes sense that we continually do the same. ...
10th Dec 2018

Season’s Greetings

The Festive Season is right around the corner. MWare will be closed on the following dates only: 24-26 December, 31 December – 1 January 2019 Our ...
10th Dec 2018

Message from our CEO

As 2018 nears its end, I would like to take the time to thank our partners, customers and suppliers for their continued support and belief in ...
10th Dec 2018

2018 has been one for the record books

With the right support structure in place, the exceptional is possible. And that is why we can look back on 2018 with our heads high. We ...
10th Dec 2018

Industry Trends for 2019

Economically speaking, the past year has been one of the toughest yet. Companies everywhere had to step up and think outside of the box in order ...
4th Dec 2018
Energy Partners

Aligning Energy Partners Refrigeration Group for the future

Automated management, real-time technician tracking & data collection Automated business solutions and data exchange play fundamental roles in Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. It doesn’t ...
30th Oct 2018

MWare expands international footprint

In our drive to expand our international footprint and our global go-to-market strategy, MWare visited the United Arab Emirates from the 29th of September until the 7th of ...
30th Oct 2018

MWare Partner Program

We are extending and expanding our product offerings to every corner of the globe! Since February this year, our MWare Partner program has now reached partners ...
30th Oct 2018

MPowrMe launch 12 October 2018

We are proud to have been part of the MPowrMe launch event of NDJ Consultants, on Friday, 12 October, held at The Private Room in Kyalami, ...
30th Oct 2018

Sage Sessions 2018: Winner of the #mwaredifference Facebook Competition

Congratulations to Wayne Naicker, from the Durban branch of Times 3 Technologies, for winning our competition that was held during Sage Sessions from 3 to 6 July. ...
30th Oct 2018

MWare sponsored the GTF World Championships held in South Africa

MWare is proud to announce that we were one of the main sponsors of the GTF World Championships event that was held in Durban, South Africa, ...
30th Oct 2018

The MWare Team is Growing

Welcome to Duane Coetzee and Calvin van Rooyen. Duane has been appointed as our MWare Consulting Business Unit Manager. Duane joined our team from mid-July and will ...
18th Jul 2018

mLearning – The Mobile Learning Revolution by MWare

Mobile learning is rapidly becoming the norm of eLearning and a successful eLearning platform caters to mLearning by default. Learners are more motivated to browse through ...
17th Jul 2018


MWare and NDJ Consultants have partnered together to develop a cost and time effective eLearning and mLearning platform for “learning at your fingertips”.NDJ Consultant’s operations are ...
17th Jul 2018

The New and Improved MWare Website

Once again, we thank our enthusiastic and innovative marketing team, GStudio, for their excellent work in achieving and delivering an outstanding product that adds a huge ...
16th Apr 2018

Welcome to our newest MWare Team Members!

Renovations to our offices at Route 21 Corporate Park in Centurion are almost complete. We invite you to pop in and to come and have a ...
16th Apr 2018
TPAC 2018 - Conference Feedback

TPAC 2018 – Conference Feedback

MWare attended TPAC (Third Party Advantage Conference) in Vancouver from 25 to 27 February. This year’s conference was the biggest and most attended in the last ...
16th Apr 2018
MobiWork Mobile Workforce Solutions

MobiWork Mobile Workforce Solutions

MobiWork is a revolutionary mobile and cloud-based field services software solution that will transform your entire organization and unleash its full potential. Various Field Service, Field ...
16th Apr 2018

Canada to Miami!

On our way back from Vancouver we stopped over in Miami, Florida at the MobiWork Head Office to catch up with MobiWork CEO, Hervé Rivere, and ...
16th Apr 2018

MWare supports Project Water Drop

MWare are proud to have been part of the JacarandaFM Project Water Drop initiative on the 31st of March 2018 sponsoring funds and water for the ...
12th Jan 2018

Sage 300 Toolkit

MWare will be marketing and promoting our very own software applications on the local and international stage for the first time ever this year. Our bundled ...
12th Jan 2018

Say Hello to Joe!

Joe is our main character whom will be featured on all our promotional videos. Joe will be joining us during our travels and he will be ...
12th Jan 2018

TPAC 2018, Vancouver, Canada

MWare will be attending and exhibiting our Sage 300 Toolkit at TPAC 2018! TPAC (Third Party Advantage Conference) is known internationally as a showcase for development ...
12th Jan 2018

Customer Portal

You will find a link to our new Customer Portal directly from our website. Please register online using our Customer Portal to download your free 14-day ...
16th Dec 2017

Season’s Greetings

MWare would like to wish you, our clients, colleagues and friends, a blessed and peaceful Festive Season! We look forward to the prospect of a joyous, fulfilling ...
12th Nov 2017

Every(ware) with MWare

2017 ACHIEVEMENTS MWare registers as a MobiWork Mobile Workforce Solutions distributer with a Reseller Channel throughout Africa. Our appointment by MobiWork Mobile Workforce Solutions as their ...
Customer Portal
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