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MWare was established in 2009 by Mich Martins and Charl Ferreira, who have over 20 years of experience in the implementation of ERP Solutions, business process integration, custom solution design, and finance/auditing.

Together, Mich and Charl have built a team of specialists for every sector, able to add value to our products by leveraging a wide range of skills, competencies and infrastructure.

Everything we do at MWare is about giving small-to-medium-sized businesses and channel partners the competitive edge. This is why Business Focus magazine applauded us for having the “leading best-of-breed product approach when designing and implementing integrated business automation solutions for a competitive global economy”.

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How we work

We try to offer something different, give our products a support structure, and instil a(ware)ness around the solutions we use. For everyone at MWare, it is not just about the product but about making the product useful from an operational point of view.

Our clients and partners know us for providing:
• Personalised client care
• A seamless business partner experience
• Cost-effective, complete and world-class solutions
• Responsiveness to new opportunities and integration possibilities
• A network of top industry experts, consultants, software developers and accountants
• Compliance with GAAP, IFRS and Sarbanes–Oxley
• Software solutions built on global standard technology frameworks: Microsoft.NET, Microsoft Transact-SQL, JAVA, C# and jQuery

Our history

MWare originated as a Sage 300 Consultancy, providing end-to-end ERP consulting services to our customers. Over time, we moved from pure Sage 300 ERP consulting to adding custom software tools to assist end-users with common problem areas.

We began to make our custom tools generic and wrapped them to take them to market, at which point we identified a gap in the market for automation tools. When we realised that we could use the same automation tools for various ERP and accounting platforms, as similar type of customers had similar type of problems, we began to develop connectors (or middleware products) – integrating our tools into various ERP and accounting platforms.

Then we added partner products to our automation tools, to further assist with electronic data collection, directly from source, instead of manual capture. We now have our automation tools, our integration middleware platforms and data collectors, all of which greatly simplifies the entire transaction lifecycle for any type of transaction.

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Personalised client care

MWare offers an end-to-end solution to all our customers.
This includes a detail business requirements analysis followed by a fixed price proposal and the project being delivered as per agreed scope after the proposal has been approved.

We monitor and manage all projects to ensure that we always deliver on time as per the agreed project plan.

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The way forward

Our main driver is to continue to distribute our own and selected partners’ tools. To this end, we have integrated the various tools, to automate key business processes all the more, and included plug-ins to help organisations to manage niche, specific and general resources.

MWare has launched two new initiatives: an education innovation with a distance learning partner in Europe, and a governance, risk & compliance solution for auditing and legal firms.

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